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AoM/IAoM is a professional organization of scholars and practitioners responsible for providing annual conferences, worldwide meetings, curricula and executive programs, speakers, and an active portfolio of professional publications in Management, Education, Leadership, and Technology.

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New MELT Paradigms

Identifying new Management, Education, Leadership and Technology Paradigms for a Complex World

World governments, systems are failing, breaking down. High unemployment, rising deficits, closed businesses, uninsured citizens, reduced wages,large temporary workforces, corporate downturns, hypercompetitive environments, global financial and economic crises, and natural disasters are just some of the factors that threaten individuals and organizations in highly volatile and complex environments of today.

Scholars and practitioners are sought to bring forth their ideas, perspectives and/or approaches to stimulate discussion and solutions. Submit your papers or studies which, upon acceptance, will be published in one of our Journals.